Phone Numbers for Credit Bureaus: Live Person

For those of you who have been trying to reach a “live person” by phone at any of the credit bureaus here are some phone numbers that may be useful to you. These are numbers that have worked for consumers within the past 6 months. Good luck!


TOLL FREE: 1.800.685.5000,

LOCAL: 404.885.8516, 404.885.8418, 404.885.8017

Toll FREE: 1.800.580.1918
EXPERIAN: TOLL FREE 1.800.831.5614,
One credit bureau is not any easier to work with than the other. They are all difficult to work with. In the past 6 months these have been some telephone numbers that consumers have used to successfully speak to a live person at the credit bureaus.
The credit bureaus are known for long hold times and automated systems – this is part of the frustration. Obtaining the assistance by phone of a live person at the credit bureaus can be very challenging!
Good luck!

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  1. you are a life saver, you shouldn’t have to pay to get legit contact information. these credit bureaus might as well be government owned. THEY found a way to make money influence every aspect of life. Thanx

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