How to catch a cyberstalker

Do you know what a web counter is?

Never heard the word web counter or don’t have a clue what I am talking about? Don’t worry  many members of law enforcement, prosecutors, attorneys and even marketing professionals often have no idea what a web counter is-at least until they consult with me.

A web counter is a cool tech tool that helps keep track all incoming web traffic including posts and activity of even the most heinous cyberstalkers, and even better is the fact the majority of web counters available today are free and that is great news especially during these difficult economic times.

As a survivor of cyberstalking and traditional stalking, I know how easy it is to become a victim today, but luckily there are tools that make catching a cyberstalker a bit easier.

You can read about my story and cyberstalking in the series I wrote on the topic for women’s issues.

A web counter is a very powerful tool for victims. Web counters play an important role for risk management and particularly for safety planning purposes. They also work well to collect evidence.

Be proactive

Keep in mind, not all law enforcement agencies, attorneys, crime victim advocates or even tech professionals will think of utilizing this tool (sadly), but without a doubt it should be included within every cyberstalking victim tool kit.

Many web sites have web counter features built in that can be accessed by 3rd parties for evidence collection, but a victim or risk management consultant will have to be proactive and inquire about this further rather than rely on an agency or web host to provide this information voluntarily.

Many just don’t think of it or have no idea how valuable the information is to catch a cyberstalker.

Web counters valuable for more than cyberstalking detection

The majority of business professionals today face the inevitable challenge of wanting to attract an on-line following in order to compete at a higher level in the marketplace while still having some safe guards in place just in case cyber trouble starts- a web counter can do this very easily.

One way bloggers and web hosts can manager their cyber safety a bit easier is by installing a web counter. Even better news is that there are many free web counters out there. Easy Counter, Stat Counter, Digits, Pax there are literally hundreds of these that help track blog traffic including the entry and exit points, comments left, city and state of entry, IP address and duration.

The ”take away” point

Web counters: A free tool that will help you discover valuable marketing information that is vital for business success today and also help track and record the actions of stalkers and cyberstalkers.

Want more info?

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