• Engaging Speaker

    Need an Engaging Speaker? Alexis Moore is ready to speak at your next event, college or University covering a wide variety of topics¬†including cyberstalking, cyberbullying, stalking, domestic violence, identity theft and more! To download a ... Read More »
  • Fierce Advocate

    Moore escaped from a life of domestic abuse, and now lives every day fighting for those still trapped in their nightmare. She founded the organization Survivors in Action. ¬† Alexis works tirelessly with other incredible ... Read More »
  • Enlightened <span class="orange">Author</span>

    Enlightened Author

    Are you in danger of being cyberstalked? Have you been cyberbullied? Outwit your cyberattacker with these clever strategies from former cyberstalking victim, Alexis Moore. As the founder of Survivors in Action, Moore explains how to ... Read More »
  • Expert Consultant

    Are you a screenwriter, producer, director, law enforcement agency, individual, business or institution that needs an expert consultant? Look no further than Alexis Moore. 2014 Upcoming Projects To download “The Deadly Link” pdf, please click ... Read More »
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